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Steven O. Roberts

Steven Roberts is an assistant professor of psychology and a co-director of the Social Concepts Lab. He received his A.A. in Liberal Arts from the Borough of Manhattan Community College, B.S. in Applied Psychology from New York University, and M.S. and Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Michigan. Steven is interested in how people think about group boundaries and hierarchies. When he was younger he wanted to be many things, including, but not limited to, archaeologist, baker, lawyer, soldier, battle rapper. His favorite movies are those in which the underdog comes out on top, like GattacaDjango UnchainedMalcolm XShawshank Redemption, and Mortal Kombat I
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Claude Steele

Claude Steele is a professor of psychology and a co-director of the Social Concepts Lab. Claude received his B.A. in psychology from Hiram College, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology from the Ohio State University. Claude is best known for his work on stereotype threat, self-affirmation, and the role of self-regulation in addictive behaviors. When he was a child, Claude wanted to be a writer which meant being a novelist—Baldwin, Ellison, Wright, were all inspirations—but psychology took over in college. It’s always been hard for Claude to pick a favorite movie. Through high school it would probably have been a sports movie. In college though it would have been Black Orpheus.


Lab Manager

Carmelle Bareket-Shavit

Carmelle received a B.S. in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Carmelle is interested in implicit biases, intergroup relations, and moral reasoning especially in educational contexts. When she was younger, Carmelle wanted to be a doctor, a librarian, and a photographer. Currently, her favorite movie is What We Do in the Shadows.

Graduate Students

Sakaria "Sai" Laisene Auelua-Toomey

Sai is a multiracial Samoan who was born and raised in Honolulu. He received his A.A. in Liberal Arts from the Honolulu Community College and his B.A in Psychology and Communicology from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. Sai is currently serving in the Air Force National Guard. Sai is a PhD student in the Department of Psychology. He is interested in how individuals’ identities influence their behavior and decisions in social, academic, and professional settings. When he was a kid, Sai wanted to be a famous actor. His favorite movies right now are Aquaman and Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse.

Elizabeth Mortenson

Elizabeth studied journalism at the University of Washington and worked in the field before returning to school to get her B.S. in psychology from Pitt. She's a doctoral student that's interested in how concepts related to race and norms are differentially enacted and construed and how we think we know we're objective. When she was a child, Elizabeth wanted to make ice cream cakes when she grew up (still on the table). Her favorite movie is anything by Paul Verhoeven.

Nicky Sullivan

Nicky is a PhD student in the Department of Psychology. He grew up in a small town in rural New Hampshire before coming to Stanford for undergrad. This change from a mostly homogenous environment to an extremely diverse one sparked his interest in how children learn about social categories like race and gender. His research in graduate school will focus on this topic, as well as broader questions about how children and adults understand power and hierarchy. After two years working at UC San Diego, he's excited to be back on the Farm for grad school. As a kid, he wanted to be a baseball player, but quickly realized that an inability to hit a baseball was probably a dealbreaker. His favorite movie is Good Will Hunting.

Undergraduate Students

Noah Bartelt

Noah is from Wisconsin. He is excited to get his first taste of psychology research in the Social Concepts Lab and hopes to learn more about the academic area in general. In his free time, Noah loves playing music, discussing politics, and spending time with nature. He is a host of the Stanford Politics Podcast and performs with the Stanford Band. His favorite movie is Rent.

Micayla Bozeman

Micayla is from Michigan. She is planning to major in Political Science with a minor in Psychology. She is passionate about understanding how race impacts in-group favoritism and implicit biases, which can then affect laws and policies made by politicians to disproportionally benefit certain races over others. Micayla loves traveling to new places, playing with her niece and nephews, watching Netflix documentaries, and trying new foods. When she was little, she wanted to be a mother of 8, a teacher, a lawyer, and a princess (all at the same time, of course). Her favorite movie is John Q.

Meley Habtegiorgis

Meley is studying psychology and creative writing. She is interested in social and cultural psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys watching sitcoms, writing, and reading short stories. One of her favorite movies is Kill Bill Vol. I.

Addison Jadwin

Addison is planning to study psychology or symbolic systems. He is interested in how people develop their ideas about the world and organize themselves into social structures. In his free time, Addison enjoys playing viola, traveling, and taking care of his fish and corals. His favorite movie is 500 Days of Summer

Sameer Hussain Jha

Sameer is a freshman interested in cognitive science. They are excited to combine their academic interests with their passion for activism. In their free time, they sing with Stanford Talisman, act in Ram's Head productions, write poetry, and learn languages. Their favorite movie is the 2000s Bollywood classic Om Shanti Om.

Sophia Miller

Sophia is double majoring in Spanish and Psychology. She is especially interested in clinical psychology, and adolescent and childhood trauma. She is excited to gain research experience with the Social Concepts Lab, and to continue her work at Bing Nursery School in a different format. In her free time, she enjoys reading, yoga, and eating good food. As a child, Sophia wanted to be a judge. Her favorite movies are Monty Python and the Holy Grail and BlacKkKlansman

Maya Salameh

Maya Salameh is from San Diego, CA, planning to major in Psychology with a specialization in Mind, Culture, and Society and a minor in Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity and Creative Writing. She is particularly interested in clinical psychology and second-generation identity formation, especially for Arab-American women. When she was a child, she wanted to be a writer or an astronaut. Her favorite movie is Caramel.

Jeong Shin

Jeong was born in Mokpo, South Korea and moved to central valley California when she was about four years old! Jeong is super stoked to delve into what the world of research is like, and even more excited because she thinks psychology is an extremely palatable and relevant subject area. In her free time, Jeong loves baking, hiking, making playlists, watching films, and napping. Her favorite movies are Good Will Hunting, Parasite, Marriage Story, and Her. It's too hard to pick one!

Portrait of Eliza Van Wye

Eliza Van Wye

Honor's Thesis student

Eliza, ’20, is a psychology major from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. She is currently working on an Honors thesis in which she is testing how children reason about non-conformity under varying situational pressures. Eliza is interested in pursuing a degree in child and adolescent clinical psychology, and hopes to work in the foster care system someday. Her research interests include developmental psychology and social psychology, and the intersection of these fields. In her free time, she especially enjoys running, creative writing, and spending time with friends and family. As a kid, Eliza wanted to be a veterinarian and a writer when she grew up. Her favorite movie is My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Kheshawn Wynn

Kheshawn Wynn is from Oakland, CA, planning to major in Psychology with a specialization in Mind, Culture, and Society and a minor in African & African American Studies. He is expressly interested in social psychology and race, more explicitly how things like “sharing” and attributions form and influence group-based biases towards different racial groups. He enjoys watching shows like How to Get Away With Murder and Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. His favorite movie is The Color Purple.

Collaborating Graduate Students and Lab Affiliates

Portrait of Kris Evans

Kris Evans

Kris received a BA in Sociology and Communications from Stanford. He is interested in investigating optimal ways to promote health and well-being of individuals and social systems. He is involved in a variety of organizations focused on researching, developing and empowering individuals by utilizing the power of the mind-body to enhance health, well-being, and performance. Outside of the lab, you might find Kris practicing Yoga or playing poker! As a kid, Kris wanted to be a professional gamer when he grew up. His favorite movie is The Matrix.

Peter Goldie

Peter holds a B.S. in Applied Psychology from New York University. He is interested in implementing social justice in research and clinical work, with particular attention to intersectionality. He loves soccer, music, cities, and spending time with loved ones. His favorite TV show is Pose.
Portrait of Camilla Griffiths

Camilla Griffiths

Camilla grew up moving every few years because of her parents' jobs, and by the time she was 18 had lived in 6 countries. She first moved to the U.S. to start college at the University of Virginia, which is where she developed her interest in issues of racial identity, racial stereotypes, and intergroup relations. As an undergraduate, Camilla designed her own major curriculum to be able to study these topics from multiple disciplinary perspectives; public policy, psychology, sociology, and anthropology. In graduate school, Camilla's research is geared towards understanding how people come to understand their own and others' racial identities through cross-race interactions and relationships, specifically in the context of student-teacher and officer-civilian interactions.  When she was a kid, Camilla wanted to be a famous singer when she grew up. Her favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption...or Zoolander. Depends on the day. 

Portrait of Cai Guo

Cai Guo

Cai is a PhD student in the Department of Psychology, co-advised by Carol Dweck and Ellen Markman. Cai is interested in how theories in categorization and conceptual development can inform us of how we reason about social categories and how we infer and process prescriptive norms based on category membership. Cai is especially interested in the intersection of philosophy and psychology and hopes to spend more time examining philosophical questions with psychological experiments. As a child, Cai wanted to be a pharmacologist. His favorite movie is A Short Film About Love (1988) by Krzysztof Kieślowski.

James Márquez

James Márquez is the Assistant Director of Admission for Diversity and Outreach at Stanford. Prior, he served as teacher and assistant principal for 6 years at the East Palo Alto Charter School. James is interested in how children acquire language, second language acquisition and knowledge about social categories across linguistic and ethnic groups. As a kid, James desired to become a veterinarian. His favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Portrait of Zion Mengesha

Zion Mengesha

Zion is a doctoral student in the Linguistics Department. Her research focus is in sociolinguistics, phonetics, and psycholinguistics. Her research examines how social ideologies influence memory, speech processing, and lexical representation. Ultimately, her research aims to address questions about how linguistic processing trickles up to social injustice. As a kid, Zion wanted to be a lawyer when she grew up — though she didn’t become a lawyer, she still stands for justice. Her favorite movie is Amelie.

Jeremy Pollack

Jeremy is a visiting researcher and doctoral student in psychology from Grand Canyon University. He has an M.A. in Evolutionary Anthropology as well as an M.A. in Peace & Conflict Studies. He is interested in how social identity impacts motivation, confidence, and decision-making, especially in the context of intragroup and intergroup conflict. When he was a kid, Jeremy wanted to be a rockstar (and sometimes he still does). His favorite movie is Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.

Portrait of Kiara Sanchez

Kiara Sanchez

Kiara grew up in Laredo, Texas, a majority Mexican-American city in south Texas. Her transition from a “majority-minority” city to Rice University in Houston helped form her interest in intergroup relationships and racial-ethnic identity. At Rice, Kiara majored in Psychology and Sociology and became excited about the role that the social sciences can have in shaping the way we understand and intervene on social issues and relationships. Her research focuses on interracial relationships and communication, and interventions to improve intergroup understanding in educational and interpersonal settings. When Kiara was a kid, she wanted to be either a professional dancer or a doctor when she grew up. Her favorite movie is The Lion King
Portrait of Michelle Wang

Michelle Wang

Michelle graduated from Wellesley College with a major in Psychology and a minor in Mathematics. Broadly, she is interested in how children make inferences about a broad population or social group with such sparse data from a handful of individuals, and how these inferences affect their social interactions. She is also interested in how children's perceptions of others' mental states (e.g., knowledge) might affect their own behaviors, especially in educational settings (e.g., question-asking). When outside of the lab, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, travelling around the world, and watching crime documentaries and FriendsWhen Michelle was a kid, she wanted to be a pediatrician or second-grade teacher when she grew up. Her favorite movies are Forrest Gump, The Sound of Music, and The Lion King.