Noah Bartelt

Noah is from Wisconsin. He is excited to get his first taste of psychology research in the Social Concepts Lab and hopes to learn more about the academic area in general. In his free time, Noah loves playing music, discussing politics, and spending time with nature. He is a host of the Stanford Politics Podcast and performs with the Stanford Band. His favorite movie is Rent.

Eleanor  Brock

Eleanor was a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Art History. She is interested in the legal implications of psychological concepts, such as conformity and bias. As a kid, Eleanor wanted to be a mathematician when she grew up. Her favorite movie is Whats Up Doc, with Barbara Streisand and Ryan Oneal. 

Marc  Chappelle
Marc Chappelle is majoring in Psychology from Roseville, CA. He is interested in racial identity formation and the intersection of psychology and justice systems. He is a hip hop dance and geography geek. When he was a kid, he wanted to be a backup dancer for Janet Jackson. (This is still his ultimate career goal.) His favorite movie is Moonlight.
Natalie  Fletcher

Natalie was a sophomore at Stanford University. She majored in Symbolic Systems with a concentration in Cognitive Science. Aside from academics, Natalie was also a member of the varsity Synchronized Swimming team. And in her free time she enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles, watching The Office, and taking naps. When she was younger, Natalie wanted to be the President of the United States. Her favorite movie was Shrek!


Sameer Hussain Jha

Sameer is a freshman interested in cognitive science. They are excited to combine their academic interests with their passion for activism. In their free time, they sing with Stanford Talisman, act in Ram's Head productions, write poetry, and learn languages. Their favorite movie is the 2000s Bollywood classic Om Shanti Om.

Sharese  King
Sharese attended the University of Rochester for her Bachelor’s degree, majoring in linguistics and minoring in American Sign Language. She was a doctoral student in the Linguistics Department at Stanford University. Her work took a multifaceted approach to studying the relationship between radicalization, racial identity, and language. Specifically, Sharese employed both ethnographic and experimental methods to examine how African American language and identity is constructed, perceived, and evaluated. She completed her dissertation Linguistic and Social Diversity Across African Americans from Rochester, New York and graduated in 2018. As a kid, Sharese wanted to be a hair dresser or an actress. One of her favorite movies was The Matrix.
Julia  Kwak

Julia is planning to double major in psychology and philosophy. She is interested in the application of moral philosophical concepts with the practicality of psychology. She is hoping to get a job involved with human rights, specifically children's and women's rights. As a child, she wanted to be an opera singer.

Hannah Logemann

Hannah is a senior psychology student from Germany. She is interested in the development of an understanding of non-conformity in children as well as in socio-psychological concepts such as social identity, stereotype threat and group formation. To this day, social psychology is Hannah’s absolute favorite class. In her free time, Hannah loves to take walks with her dog or movie nights with friends. When she was a kid, Hannah wanted to be a journalist. Her favorite movie is The Intouchables.

Francesca  Lupia
Francesca Lupia '19 (they/them) was a Human Biology major from Ann Arbor, MI. They were broadly interested in the influence of early childhood experience on human well-being, with a focus on the impact of mass incarceration on children and families. Francesca conducted honors research on the parenting practices and beliefs of formerly incarcerated women. Through their work with the SCL Lab, Francesca hoped to deepen their understanding of identity and ideology formation in young children. Francesca spent significant time living and working in China, and they strive to promote constructive dialogue around China-US relations as co-president of the Forum for American-Chinese Exchange at Stanford (FACES). In their free time, they enjoyed learning new languages, acting, and scouring Google Flights for cheap airfare to faraway locales. As a kid, Francesca wanted to be a 21st-century Jane Goodall, conducting field research on endangered animals for the purpose of advancing conservation efforts. If that option fell through, they wanted to open and operate a hotel for pets. Their favorite movie was Back to the Future.


Destiny  Mahone
Destiny Mahone is a junior from Fayetteville, Georgia. She is majoring in Psychology and African & African American Studies. Destiny is interested in studying the psychological effects that racism and sexism have on people of marginalized communities. She is particularly interested in understanding how trauma is manifested in victims of racial violence. As a kid, Destiny wanted to be a doctor. Her favorite movies are Friday and Bad Boys II.
Dija Manly
Dija Manly is currently pursuing a degree in Bioengineering, and considering minors in Psychology, Sociology, or Art Practice. She is passionate about community organizing and working to address all forms of oppression from all aspects. In her free time, she likes DJing, playing guitar, doodling, and doing various wellness/spiritual practices. Her favorite movie is Sorry to Bother You.
Ivy Manna

Ivy is a freshman from England, excited to contribute to the work of the Social Concepts Lab! She is interested in the role of heuristics in effective decision-making, and how these processes govern our normative perception of the world around us. In her free time, Ivy enjoys playing piano, travelling, advocating for FairTrade, and reading mystery novels. As a kid, she loved the sense of whimsical wonder that came from magic, and so wanted to become a real-life wizard. Ivy’s favourite movie is The Da Vinci Code.

James Márquez

James Márquez is the Assistant Director of Admission for Diversity and Outreach at Stanford. Prior, he served as teacher and assistant principal for 6 years at the East Palo Alto Charter School. James is interested in how children acquire language, second language acquisition and knowledge about social categories across linguistic and ethnic groups. As a kid, James desired to become a veterinarian. His favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Sophia Miller

Sophia is double majoring in Spanish and Psychology. She is especially interested in clinical psychology, and adolescent and childhood trauma. She is excited to gain research experience with the Social Concepts Lab, and to continue her work at Bing Nursery School in a different format. In her free time, she enjoys reading, yoga, and eating good food. As a child, Sophia wanted to be a judge. Her favorite movies are Monty Python and the Holy Grail and BlacKkKlansman

Missy  Mongiovi

Missy majored in psychology and political science. She is interested in the intersection of law and psychology and hopes to pursue a career where she can support the rights and well-being of children, either as a social worker or advocate. She is also a sprinter on the track and field team. As a child, Missy wanted to be a dancer or a detective. Her favorite movie is Mama Mia.

Minh Nguyen

Minh was a sophomore from Hanoi, Vietnam. She was interested in how psychology can be applied to solving social issues, especially in the field of education. She would love to incorporate psychological research to improve the current educational landscape, and the Social Concepts lab’s focus on developmental psychology gave her a great opportunity to learn through practice. Her favorite movie was Zootopia by Disney. She wanted to be a superstar as a child - which she can still be in any other career that she chooses. 


Julia  Raven
Julia Raven is planning to major in Psychology. She is particularly interested in clinical psychology, more specifically in adolescents and how they learn to cope with stress. In the Social Concepts Lab, Julia is excited to spend time with kids and gain hands on experience doing psychological research. In her free time, Julia enjoys dancing, spending time with friends, and watching New Girl. As a child, Julia wanted to be a nurse. Her favorite movie is 500 Days of Summer.
Olivia  Rich
Olivia was a senior at Temple University in Philadelphia attending summer classes at Stanford, though she grew up near the New Hampshire seacoast. At Temple, she majored in Psychology with a minor in Education, and hoped to pursue graduate studies in School Psychology with a focus in Educational Policy. During the regular school year, Olivia taught a 6th grade math class in a nearby elementary school and assisted with research at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. As a kid, Olivia dreamed of being a hockey-playing princess. Her favorite movie has long been The Emperor’s New Groove, though she also loved Hunt for the Wilderpeople


Mishaela  Robison

Mishaela is from North Carolina and Kentucky. She’s interested in the psychology behind modern-day social issues. She is also fascinated by the relationship between media and society and hopes to learn about it more. In her free time, she enjoys going on adventures, writing letters, being creative, learning something new, watching good TV shows, and trying new things! As a kid, Mishaela wanted to be a teacher. Her favorite movies come from Disney and Pixar.

Madeleine  Rowell

Madeleine Rowell was a junior at Stanford from the Cayman Islands. She majored in Psychology and minored in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. In her free time she enjoyed cooking, reading, and walking her Beagle, Cooper. As a kid, Madeleine wanted to be an astronaut. Her favorite movie was Moonlight.

Maya Salameh
Maya Salameh is from San Diego, CA, planning to major in Psychology with a specialization in Mind, Culture, and Society and a minor in Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity and Creative Writing. She is particularly interested in clinical psychology and second-generation identity formation, especially for Arab-American women. When she was a child, she wanted to be a writer or an astronaut. Her favorite movie is Caramel.
Jeong Shin

Jeong was born in Mokpo, South Korea and moved to central valley California when she was about four years old! Jeong is super stoked to delve into what the world of research is like, and even more excited because she thinks psychology is an extremely palatable and relevant subject area. In her free time, Jeong loves baking, hiking, making playlists, watching films, and napping. Her favorite movies are Good Will Hunting, Parasite, Marriage Story, and Her. It's too hard to pick one!

Alexess  Sosa
Alexess was from a small town in Texas. She was interested in the role that social psychology plays in our development of racial identities and biases and how these identities impact issues regarding poverty, discrimination, and crime policy. Her favorite movie was Black Panther. When Alexess was a kid she wanted to be a writer, a fashion designer, a marine biologist, or a veterinarian (she's sure little Alexess thought she could be all of them at once). 
Eliza Van Wye
Honor's Thesis student

Eliza, ’20, is a psychology major from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. She is currently working on an Honors thesis in which she is testing how children reason about non-conformity under varying situational pressures. Eliza is interested in pursuing a degree in child and adolescent clinical psychology, and hopes to work in the foster care system someday. Her research interests include developmental psychology and social psychology, and the intersection of these fields. In her free time, she especially enjoys running, creative writing, and spending time with friends and family. As a kid, Eliza wanted to be a veterinarian and a writer when she grew up. Her favorite movie is My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Andrea  Villafuerte

Andrea Villafuerte graduated from the University of Michigan in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Business Administration. At the time, she was a Research Coordinator at the Behavioral Lab in the Graduate School of Business, where she facilitated research projects for graduate students and faculty members in the Organizational Behavior and Behavioral Marketing department. Her research interests included inter-group relations, social cognitive biases, and identity integration. As a kid, she wanted to be an archeologist and her favorite movie was My Neighbor Totoro