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Lab News

September 2021: Nicky's first first-authored paper, examining Black and White parents' conversations about race and racism both before and after George Floyd's murder, is published in PNAS. His important and timely work is featured in the Stanford Report.

August 2021: Carmelle and Peter (center) leave Stanford to get their PhDs. Two legends! 


May 2021:

Steven receives a 2020-21 Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teaching in the School of Humanities and Sciences!

Sai is selected to receive the Diversifying Academia, Recruiting Excellence (DARE) Doctoral Fellowship!


April 2021:

In his editorial vision, Glenn Roisman, editor-in-chief of Child Development, writes: "[P]apers like Roberts et al. (2020) have been convincing to many in the field, including myself, that demographic information should be readily accessible to readers. Indeed, when the policies described earlier are fully phased in over the next year, essentially every abstract published in this journal will meet the definition used by Roberts and his colleagues for highlighting race, sex, and other salient demographic features of the cohorts studied." (p. 458). 


Steven is the recipient of the 2021 SRCD Early Career Research Contributions Award!


March 2021:

Elizabeth Mortenson receives a NSF GRF Honorable Mention!

Carmelle accepts an offer at the University of British Columbia's MA/PhD program in social psych!

Steven is the recipient of the 2021 APS Rising Star Award!


February 2021:

The APA's Monitor on Psychology and the Psi Chi PsychEverywhere podcast features our work on racial inequality within psychological science.


January 2021:

Steven speaks with the Stanford News about a new publication that links racism to the transmission of vector-borne diseases. 


Steven is a recipient of the 2021 APS Janet Taylor Spence Award for Transformative Early-Career Contribution! He discusses his research with the APS podcast, Under the Cortex.


PsychCrunch podcast interviews Steven in Episode 23: Whose psychology is it anyway? Making psychological research more representative.


Stanford scholars reflect on President Biden's first day in office and executive actions in the Stanford Report.


November 2020

Eliza Van Wye's honors thesis, "Explanations for norm violations affect preschoolers' judgments  of norm violators," is published in JEP: General. Find the publication here! 

Steven speaks with MindCORE about ongoing projects in the lab and the experiences as that have motivated the direction of his research.


October 2020

A new hymnal and worship book for US and Canadian churches cites our research in justifying decision to avoid gendered language and images of God.

Steven receives the 2020 SAGE Young Scholars Award in recognition of his early career achievements!


September 2020

Child Development puts our research and recommendations into practice, requiring that authors from now on 1) describe the demographics of their samples, 2) justify the demographics of their samples, and 3) address the generalizability of their samples


August 2020

PsychSummer research interns Kheshawn Wynn and Micayla Bozeman present in the virtual poster session


June 2020

"Racial Inequality in Psychological Research: Trends of the Past and Recommendations for the Future," is featured in the Stanford Report, the Association for Psychological Science, the Stanford Daily Research Roundup, Futurity, FiveThirtyEight, CNET, and Psychology Today.


"The Psychology of American Racism," is featured in KQED, the Stanford Report, the Stanford Daily, Psychology Today, News India Times, Forbes, the APA Monitor on Psychology newsletter, Futurity, the APA Journals Article Spotlight, and Science in the News.


Micayla Bozeman helps to organize a Juneteenth and Movement for Black Lives celebration in her community.


The lab welcomes our Psych Summer interns, Kheshawn Wynn and Micayla Bozeman!


January 2020: 

"God as a White man: A psychological barrier to conceptualizing Black people and women as leadership worthy," is featured by the Stanford Report, Research Digest, Psychology Today, Psychology Today, Futurity, Big Think, Forbes, Quartz at Work, Scientific AmericanU.S Catholic, the Episcopal News Service, and Presbyterian Today.


Assistant Professor Whitney Pirtle visits the lab! She's joined by her sister and a SCL research assistant, Micayla Bozeman.

October 2019

Michelle presents her project at the CDS conference!


September 2019:

The lab welcomes Elizabeth and Nicky, our new graduate students! We also welcome research assistants - Sophia, Julia, Hannah, Leila, Micayla, and Claire!

August 2019

Mishaela and Forrest present their PsychSummer projects!

Mishaela, our PsychSummer intern,  presenting her summer research at the PsychSummer poster session.


Forrest, our PsychSummer intern,  presenting his summer research at the PsychSummer poster session.


Jeremy volunteers to become a stimulus for his own study. Would you negotiate with this Dubican? 


May 2019:

Michelle leaves Stanford to work toward her PhD at New York University!

Carmelle begins as the lab's second lab manager

April 2019

The lab gets together for the first lab meeting of the quarter! We had fun developing some stimuli for one of our studies on children's intergroup cognition.

Life-size "Hibbles" and "Glerks"


December 2018:

Steven presents on our research showing how people perceive God as a White man, and how this perception affects whom they see more fit for leadership positions. Read more about his presentation and research here.

The lab gets together to celebrate the end of the quarter and the holidays with a delicious potluck and an intense game of Taboo.

Steven, Claude, Sai, and Ellen chatting.


November 2018

Steven speaks at Summit LA18 with Beyond Conflict. Read more about the panel here.

September 2018:

The lab welcomes Sai, our new graduate student! We also welcome our RAs for this quarter - Destiny, Marc, Minh, and Tavia.

August 2018:

The lab says goodbye to our summer interns. Thanks to all their hard work!

Eliza, our PsychSummer intern,  presenting her summer research at the PsychSummer poster session to Carmelle, our CSLI intern.


June 2018:

The lab welcomed our first summer interns - thanks to Carmelle, Eliza, Nir, Olivia, and Sarika.

April 2018:

The lab continues to grow - thanks to Alexess, Alexis, Julia, Madeleine, Minh, and Mishaela.

January 2018:

The lab started collecting data at Bing Nursery School. We also got our first batch of RAs! Thanks to Ariel, Eleanor, Eliza, Francesca, and Natalie.

September 2017:

Michelle came to Stanford.

July 2017:

Steven came to Stanford. The lab was born!